Purchasing Tickets

Carbondale Wild West Rodeo tickets can be purchased at the gate, cash or checks only please, or purchased in advance at the Roaring Fork Valley Coop in Carbondale, cash or checks only.

Individual tickets are $10/each or a book of six tickets can be purchased for $50 which saves $2/ticket. Children 10 and under are free.

Ticket stubs contain a 20% discount on merchandise at the Roaring Fork Valley Coop. See our sponsor page under Roaring Fork Valley Coop to learn more about the merchandise available at the Roaring Fork Valley Coop.

We no longer offer carload discounts beginning 2021 season. We also have increased the price of arena side parking to $30.

We cannot accept credit or debit cards for the purchase as we do not have the capability to run cards and we do not want to back up traffic on the county road waiting for a card transaction to go through.