All Around Award Standings as of August 2, 2018

All Around Award Standings as of August 2, 2018

The Carbondale Wild West Rodeo Association be presenting an All Around Award to the cowboy or cowgirl with the highest accumulated earnings in 2 or more events. The recipient must have won money in two events and participated in 9 out of the 12 rodeos. If the event is a buckle event it counts as an individual event for the award. For example: Heading and heeling count as separate events as well as roping in the #8 and the #11. The recipient will receive a saddle and a buckle.

This award will be presented at the Finals Rodeo on August 23rd.

A big thank you to our All Around Cowboy Saddle Sponsor -- Basalt Firearms, 970 279 5128, Basalt,

The top five leaders after the August 2nd rodeo are
Josh Warren
Terry Forrest
Caitlin Lucchesi
Tom Harrington
Kaid Nieslanik

For a full listing of those eligible and earnings acquired through August 2nd, click on the pdf link below

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