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August 21, 2014

2015 Carbondale Wild West Rodeo Royalty Tryouts on Sept. 20th


ROYALTY GUIDE 2015 (go to this link for pdf and scroll to bottom of page

Page One

Official Contest Rules

Carbondale Wild West Rodeo (CWWRA) and its representatives reserve the right to hold a contest to judge and select any participants at its discretion in accordance with royalty rules. It has the ultimate authority over the royalty contest, contestants, crowned royalty and others involved.

Please type or print legibly all parts of the royalty application

Contest Eligibility and Requirements

1. To apply for position of Queen, you must be 16 and no older than 21 years old as of June 1, 2015
To apply for position of Queen attendant, you must be at least 10 years old and no older than 16 years old as of June 1, 2015
To apply for position of Princess, you must be at least 10 years old and no older than 13 years old as of June 1, 2015

2. Return all paperwork and application by Sept. 10, 2014 to:
Maxine Harris
e-mail [email protected]

3. Parents and participants must comply with Carbondale Wild West Rodeo series rules and regulations for the full year of reign.

4. Applicants must be single and never married/pregnant.

5. Contestants cannot hold titles of other rodeos at the time of tryouts. Current CWWR queen, queen attendant and princesses may try out consecutively.

Contest Rules and Proceedings
1. Deadline for Application is Sept. 10, 2014
2. Tryouts will be held Sept. 120, 2014 at 10:00 AM at the Gus Darien Riding Arena in
Carbondale, CO. The location is subject to change due to weather/circumstances
3. The year of reign will begin on April 1, 2015 and will continue for one year
4. Contestants will be judged and scored in the categories of application & personal interview 25%, horsemanship and riding ability 50%, and appearance/presence 25%.
5. Contestants must be able to ride and have access to a suitable horse for contest, rodeos and all other events such as parades, public appearances, etc. Suitability will be determined at the contest and is left to the discretion of the coordinator and the
Carbondale Wild West Rodeo committee.

Page Three
6. All contestants, parents, queen, queen attendant and princesses must be friendly, courteous and respectful at all times to guests, other contestants, judges, Carbondale Wild West rodeo employees and animals.
7. Contestants and parents must submit all questions/or concerns in writing to the royalty coordinator No Exceptions. If questions and/or concerns are not answered satisfactorily, then contestants and parents may submit the same (in writing) to the Rodeo Board. They are expected to treat all CWWRA volunteers with the utmost respect at all times.
8. Contestants must know the basic rules of the Carbondale Wild West Rodeo events and rodeo sponsors and be able to explain these topics for rodeo guests and spectators
9. A parent or guardian must be available to assist in any part of the contest, and are asked to otherwise only be spectators during the contest. If a contestant needs help, she can ask permission from the judges for parental help.
10. If there is evidence that royalty, contestants or their parents do not follow the rules above, only one verbal or written warning will be issued. If there is any other infraction, titles and scholarships may be revoked by the CWWRA at any time. If this occurs, all Carbondale Wild West Rodeo items issued must be returned and the former title holder is not eligible to be a future contestant for the Carbondale Wild West Rodeo Royalty.

________________________________ ________________________
Applicant Signature Date

________________________________ ________________________
Parent/Guardian Signature Date

Carbondale Wild West Rodeo Royalty 2015

2015 Carbondale Wild West Royalty
Duties and Expectations

These duties are general and not limited to the following:

Royalty members act as Carbondale Wild West Rodeo spokeswomen and represent the sport of rodeo. As rodeo royalty you are easily recognizable and part of your job is publicity of the rodeo. Therefore CWWRA royalty and parents must always be respectful, organized, helpful and friendly. As changes in places and events change, each person is expected to handle situations in a courteous manner.

– To oversee the queen attendant and princess at each rodeo/event.
– Flag carrying and grand entry routine at the start of each rodeo
– To work with coordinator in organizing other appearances, ideas, etc. Communicate with the rest of the royalty and parents
– To help with the Mutton Bustin/Calf Scramble at each rodeo with attendant and princesses
– When the royalty is at other events, she must follow the instructions of the event organizers and coordinators and assist attendant and princesses
– Help prepare horses for the younger royalty
– Will be available at 6:30pm every rodeo waiting at the secretaries desk for directions, dressed and ready to assist volunteers, help with rodeo coordination and do public relations with arriving guests and spectators

Queen Attendant:
– To assist the queen in her duties
– Flag carrying and grand entry routine at the start of each rodeo
– To fill in for queen when necessary
– Follow directions of queen and coordinator
– Assist with rodeo events as noted in Queen’s duties
– Will be available at 6:30pm every rodeo waiting at the secretaries desk for directions


– To assist the queen and queen attendant
– Flag carrying and grand entry routine at the start of each rodeo
– Helping with rodeo events as noted above
– Will be available at 6:30pm every rodeo waiting at the secretaries desk for directions

Rules and Regulations 2015 Rodeo Royalty

Only parents are allowed to assist royalty in preparation at rodeo/and or event.
Parents must ensure royalty is on time and properly equipped to perform royalty duties

Each participant must always be ready to assist with events in the rodeo and at other appearances. Carrying the flag is REQUIRED for each royalty member at each Carbondale Wild West Rodeo. If a horse is being borrowed, the participant must make her own arrangements.
Royalty parents are required to volunteer a MINIMUM of 10 hrs over the 12 week rodeo season. Coordination of volunteer hours will be handled with volunteer coordinator, Melanie Cardiff.

Each royalty member can only miss two appearances (unless special arrangements are made) to receive the year-end scholarship.
The Queen, Attendant, and Princesses must be willing to represent the Carbondale Wild West Rodeo Series in special events as decided by the coordinator and group.

Royalty members and horses must be spotless and well-groomed for each appearance.
Each girl must always have her crown, official royalty shirt, sash, provided saddle pad and belt buckle for each appearance. She must have hair styled and makeup done appropriate for her age. She must always be friendly and approachable to the public until the event is over. The rodeo will provide shirt, sash, crown and belt buckle.
Pants ARE NOT to be tucked in boots!
– Royalty is expected to be dressed and a the rodeo grounds at 6:30 pm prior to rodeo
– Rodeo attire, shirts, crown and/or sash are NOT to be worn at any other events unless royalty is representing the Carbondale Wild West Rodeo

It is best that royalty members are independent of parents and friends when making appearances to make her more approachable for autographs and photos, however, parents do need to be available if needed.
No visible body piercings or tattoos other than earrings allowed at any time.

Behavior: Each member MUST ALWAYS be on her best behavior while holding this title. People recognize royalty wherever they are.

No alcohol, drugs or public affection toward a boyfriend at any time during an appearance!!

The royalty must be willing to be photographed and sign autographs throughout their entire reign in all appearance, with and without horses. They must always be properly attired and approachable.
Each royalty member is required to be early, saddled and ready at 6:30pm prior to the start of the event.
Knowledge of the Carbondale Wild West Rodeo series, participants, rules, regulations, contractor, secretary and current events the rodeo is required. Each person needs to be able to explain and communicate about the town and current events
Each royalty member must be able to ride a suitable mount for every appearance including rodeos and parades. If there is any doubt, the royalty coordinator and/or queen has the authority to dismiss the horse
If a horse is deemed unsuitable, it will be dismissed permanently!
In every appearance, the horse and tack must be spotless and in good repair. The horse must be clipped, have proper farrier attention, current vaccines, deworming, coggins and brand inspection
Each royalty member must have at least one parent at the Carbondale Wild West Rodeo and for any other appearances. He/She must be available to assist the royalty member at each event and help ensure each appearance runs smoothly. If a parent cannot attend, please give a week’s notice so others can fill in.
!!!!!!DO NOT FORGET!!!!!
1. You must have your full rodeo outfits on for the grand entry nothing can be missing by 6:30 every week. (Shirts, blankets, earrings,etc.) If you feel like you can’t keep track of your stuff give it to royalty coordinator keep.
2. Your horses must be washed and faces clipped for every rodeo.
3. Shirts must be washed and starched for every rodeo. (It’s not your mother’s job to do it). You need to make sure your chaps and hats are cleaned as well every rodeo.
4. NO SASS! Whether it’s to your royalty members, family members, or anyone on the rodeo grounds. We will not tolerate any rude behavior.
To receive your scholarship at the end of the summer you must return your royalty shirt, saddle pad, and any hats/tack that was lent out for the rodeo season
Each royalty member and parent must follow the rules outlined in the Rules and Expectations. Failure to do so can result in revocation of the title and forfeiture of all awards

Applicant Date

Parent/Guardian Date


Carbondale Wild West Series 2015 Royalty Application
Please return required forms by Sept. 10, 2014 to:
Maxine Harris
[email protected]
Rodeo Royalty Coordinator
Competing For: Queen Queen Attendant Princess

Contestant Name: _____________________________________________

Date of Birth: ______________________ Age as of June 1, 2015 ______

Mailing Address: ______________________________________________

Telephone Number: ___________________________________________

Parent or Guardian: ___________________________________________

Email Address: ________________________________________________

School Attending: _________________________________ Grade ______



Experience with rodeo, horses, showing, etc:

Royalty Experience with dates and positions held:

On a separate page, answer the following questions (a maximum of 100 words each) for the following questions:

1. Why are you competing for this title?
2. What do you think should be the consequences for not following the CWWR royalty rules?

I have read and understand all requirements, duties and rules that must be followed in order not to forfeit the scholarship or title.

__________________________________________ _____________________
Applicant Signature Date

__________________________________________ _____________________
Parent/Guardian Signature (required) Date

Carbondale Wild West Rodeo Royalty 2015

Contestant Schedule
Subject to Change
Held at the Gus Darien Rodeo Arena, Carbondale, CO
1 Mile East of Carbondale on County Road 100

September 20, 2014
10:00 – 11:00 Am: Personal Interviews
11:00 – 12:00 PM: Horsemanship Pattern
Flag Carrying
Hot Lap
1:30 PM Announcement of 2015 Royalty
All times are approximate

**Contestants will be judged starting at 10:00 AM. At this time, parents and other adults and spectators need to ask judge if they need parental assistance

Carbondale Wild West Rodeo 2015 Royalty

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