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Holy Cross Cattlemen's Assoc.
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Holy Cross Cattlemen’s Assoc./Tom & Ginny Harrington

Holy Cross Cattlemen’s Assoc. (HCCA) is the regional cattlemen’s association in the Roaring Fork Valley and extending to the Burns and Eagle area to the north and east, and DeBeque to the west. We have members that are ranchers and farmers; businesses that provide supplies and services and support agriculture; and individuals that believe in the great things that farmers and ranchers do.

HCCA and Tom and Ginny Harrington want to raise the awareness of the positive contributions cattlemen do for the environment, wildlife and communities. There are so many falsehoods and inaccuracies being bantered around these days and issues that negatively affect farmers and ranchers, we feel it’s more important than ever to share what we do.

Beef producers not only provide a safe, healthy, nutritious protein to feed our family and yours, and to feed our communities and beyond… we also provide Ecosystem Services that include but are not limited to …Open Space, Fire Mitigation, Scenic Viewsheds, Wildlife Habitat & Corridors, Carbon Sequestration, Water Filtration and Conservation Practices, Cultural & Heritage Value, Local Jobs, Serve our Communities, Hunting & Fishing Access, and Agritourism.

So, ask a rancher or a farmer next time you read something about agriculture and animal agriculture in the news or social media. We’d love to share what we do!!!

Address: c/o Ginny Harrington, PO Box 1369, Carbondale, CO 81623
Phone: 970-318-0076
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