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KL&A Engineers and Builders

KL&A Engineers and Builders is a Rocky Mountain based company established in 1994. We believe combining high quality engineering with an integrated design process drives successful and economical construction. 

We are a firm built around the idea that structural engineers should return to a master builder role by taking ownership of the design of structural systems and also the cost estimating and at-risk construction. Our integrated approach to project delivery provides a faster, more reliable delivery process than conventional methods.

Our philosophy of personal responsibility has generated a corporate culture of problem solving and innovation. Our nontraditional approach to steel design and construction has energized and progressed our work in other areas, including heavy timber, multi-story stick frame, reinforced and post-tensioned concrete, and masonry design. Additionally, we utilize emerging materials such as rammed earth, structural insulating panels, and structural glass; allowing us to offer a unique breadth of services.

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Phone: 970-927-5174