Family Fun

Carbondale Wild West Rodeo is all about Family!!

Fun and Treats for the Whole Family

The Carbondale Wild West Rodeo is always a great family outing. You can bring your picnic meal and enjoy it in the picnic pavillion, graciously donated by the Turnbull family in 2017. Or if you need a break from cooking there are wonderful bbq concessions. From the kids hot dogs at the Slow Groovin BBQ (Don't worry there's mouth watering barbecue for the adults too), to the popcorn skillfully popped and hawked through out the stands and arena side parking by Black Sheep 4-H Club and Roaring Fork High School Volleyball, to the snocones artfully created by Senior Matters; kids and kids at heart can find something to soothe their grumbly tummies. Don't worry adults are allowed snocones too!! It isn't a true rodeo in the Carbondale Wild West Rodeo fashion unless you leave with a rainbow, cherry or blue raspberry colored tongue and mouth. Senior Matters offers nachos and baked goods too!

Kids snacks and munchies will provide the needed extra energy as they participate in the Calf Scramble and Mutton Bustin' . There are requirements to participate in the Calf Scramble and Mutton Bustin' and they are listed below. At several of the rodeos during the 12 week season, there will be horseback rides from our friends and sponsors at Alpine Equine Hospital. The Independence Day/4th of July celebrations at the rodeo will be July 1st. Tough Enough to Wear Pink night is July 15. Hawaiian Night is August 12th. Finals night at the rodeo is August 19th.

Hawaiian Night on August 12th is a great time for kids and adults alike to don the grass skirts and Hawaiian shirts and watch our cowboys, cowgirls and horses rock their Hawaiian attire. Our full schedule isn't set yet, but we offer specialty acts at several of the rodeos. We will be updating this as soon as these are confirmed. Check back often.

You can also bring your picnic basket and barbecue grill. There are parking spaces against the arena fence and we see many birthdays and family reunions held at the rodeo. If you want to park along the arena fence you need to bring a vehicle and park early Thursday mornings starting at 6:00 a.m. The spaces fill up quite often before mid-afternoon. It is first come first serve and there is an extra $30 charge. There are envelopes at the yellow box located on the white building at the east end of the arena. Fill out your license plate number and place your money in the envelope and drop in the box.

Kids Events

Kids love participating in the Mutton Bustin', Calf Scramble, and for those more skilled in the Steer Riding and graduating to Junior Bull Riding. Kids may also participate in the Dally Ribbon Roping as a runner but will need a partner experienced in roping. See more info below. You must call in the Tuesday before rodeo for Mutton Bustin', Steer Riding and Junior Bull Riding. Remember to check in at the Secretary Shed and get your wrist bands for Mutton Bustin' and Calf Scramble the night of the rodeo. See rules near the bottom of this page.

Independence Day Celebration, July 1st Rodeo this year!

Come dressed in your red, white and blue. We would love to have you join us. There will be lots of flag waving, and patriotic pride. If you come early enough you might even get one of the hand held flags we distribute.

Time to Ride -- TBA 4 Weeks in July and August Tentative.

Alpine Animal Hospital “Time to Ride” There will be horseback rides for kids in a special pen, lessons on horse care, and the opportunity for questions and answers. Be sure and visit them and tell them how much you enjoy Time to Ride.

Roaring Fork Valley Horse Council will be frequenting the Carbondale Wild West Rodeo this season

RFV Horse council

The Roaring Fork Valley Horse Council is a Sponsor of the Wild West Carbondale Rodeo. All ages can learn more about horses from the RFVHC. They are committed to the preservation of our valley’s western culture and the heritage of the horse. Sign up for a $5.00 lifetime membership with RFVHC, which gives all members a discount at the Roaring Fork Valley Coop. Join the Roaring Fork Valley Horse Council now to help Create Preservation for a Sustainable, Generational, and Legacy Equestrian Community!

July 1st -- As tradition, we always give small flags for the waving and showing your pride in the Good Old U.S. of A. Get there early before we run out.

Garfield County Fair and Rodeo Royalty has been helping with our Grand Entry this year and will treat us to a special routine on Independence Day.

The One Arm Bandit -- TBA

Since 1988, John Payne, The One Arm Bandit has thrilled rodeo fans around the world. He rides a variety of good horses and mules in his full throttle exhibition of genuine cowboy skills with longhorn steers, buffalo and wild horses. Moving all these animals around an arena the show reaches its grand finale with all atop a custom stock trailer reflecting the excitement and true spirit of the west! John plans on bringing three mustangs and a Zebra stallion to the CWWR this season.

John has received the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association Entertainer of the Year 12 Times.

TBA-- funny man/rodeo clown, Joe Carr

Young and old will be sure to enjoy Joe's rodeo antics and will gasp and cheer as bulls ram the barrel he takes shelter in during the bull riding. Joe has been entertaining rodeo fans in the west for fourteen plus years.

Hawaiian Night August 12, 2021

Kids of all ages will enjoy Hawaiian Night. No matter if you want to celebrate the heritage of the Paniolo, remember your last visit or just wear a loud shirt or other island attire, the Carbondale Rodeo’s annual Hawaiian night, August 12th is sure to be a colorful night. Want to see cowboys in grass skirts? This is the night.

Kid's Calf Scramble

Garfield County Fair and Rodeo Royalty have been kind enough in 2021 to assist the participants in warm-up exercises before the race is on. Arena push ups are just the beginning. Not for those afraid to get dirty! Watch as kids 3-10 years old chase a group of calves around the arena to snatch ribbons from their tails! Kids must snatch the ribbons from the calves tail and return to the finish line in the fastest three times. Pre-registration by phone is not required, but parents or guardians must sign a release form starting at 5:30 and kids are given a wristband. Only kids with wristbands are allowed to enter the arena and participate. So don't disappoint the kids and get to the secretary shed between 5:30 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. Depending on how fast the rodeo is running it might be best to not wait til the last minute to get signed up.

Calf Scramble Rules

  • Children must be 3-10 years old.
  • No parents will be allowed to enter the arena.
  • Sign-up will start at 5:30pm and end at 8:00pm at the rodeo secretary shed/registration booth.
  • The parents of children that are signing up must be present when registering.
  • All parents must sign the Entry Application and Release Form along with the Consent of Parent or Legal Guardian.
  • Only children that have been given a wristband at the registration booth will be allowed to enter the arena.


Mutton Bustin'

Carbondale Wild West Rodeo

In this rodeo event lil’ buckaroos get a turn in the spotlight as they grab wool and ride a sheep! Cheer them on as they try to hang on for as long as they can! Helmets and vests provided.

Mutton Bustin' Rules-- IMPORTANT UPDATE -- Effective June 27, 2019, see *** below

  • • Children MUST be ***older than 3 years of age and under 50 pounds.
  • • Mutton busters must register through the call-in line on Tuesday evenings from 6:00-8:00pm MDT beginning June 1, 2021 The call-in number is 970 923 9270.
  • • Mutton busters will not be allowed to ride on consecutive weeks unless we do not have enough participants signed up.
  • • Only the first ten plus three alternates will be allowed to participate each week.
  • • All parents must sign the Entry Application and Release Form along with the Consent of Parent or Legal Guardian.

Events below Require Experience and/or a team with an experienced Roper.

Dally Ribbon Roping

Carbondale Wild West Rodeo

An exciting team event in which one mounted competitor ropes a calf and the other partner runs out on foot to snatch a ribbon from the calf’s tail. A quick catch by the roper gives the runner an advantage. A circling or windmilling calf can prove a challenge to the runner. One of the rare times you'll see a cowboy or cowgirl without their boots as they don their fastest running shoes to compete. The runner has to cross the finish line back at the roping box, where the fastest time wins. Entry fee $50 per roping, $25 each roper and runner.



Junior Bull Riding

    Youth rodeo contestants have been asking for this event and the Carbondale Wild West Rodeo committee heard. Junior Bull Riding was added in 2014. Contestants must be 13 to 17 years old. Limited to 6 contestants plus 3 alternates. Junior Bull Riding is the training ground for youth with the aspirations to compete in the most dangerous event in the sport of rodeo and join the ranks of the Bull Riders. Cheer on these brave young rodeo contestants where an 8 second ride can seem like an eternity. Junior Bull Rider contestants must provide their own helmets and vests. Helmets and vests are mandatory. Entry fee is $35 per event. Register through the call-in line on Tuesday evenings from 6:00-8:00pm MDT beginning June 1, 2021. The call-in number is 970 923 9270.

Steer Riding

Carbondale Wild West Rodeo

Steer Riding was added in 2011 to give young cowboys and cowgirls the opportunity to ride rough stock. A 6 second ride scores. You will be amazed by the bravery and skill of the young riders. Contestants must be at least 8 years old and not more than 12 years old (updated 2014). This event is limited to 6 contestants plus 3 alternates. Steer riding contestants must provide their own helmets and vests. Helmets and vests are mandatory. Register through the call-in line on Tuesday evenings from 6:00-8:00pm MDT beginning June 1, 2021. The call-in number is 970 923 9270. /p>

Junior Barrel Racing

Limited to not more than 10 contestants 13 years or under. (*Note: Change in age limit on 06/10/2014.) (*Note: Junior and Open Barrels Rule Change -- Effective July 23, 2015. Junior age barrel racers can enter the Open Barrels but cannot enter both the Junior and Open Barrels in the same rodeo.) Youth follow the same cloverleaf pattern as Open Barrel Racers. Watch Junior Barrel Racers give it their all each week. Junior Barrel Racing offers youth the opportunity to hone their skills to become better horsemen and make the move up to Open Barrel Racers. Many of the youth will give Open Barrel Racers a run for their money in this timed event. $20 entry fee. Register through the call-in line on Tuesday evenings from 6:00-8:00pm MDT beginning June 1, 2021.