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Seeking 2020 CWWR Photographer

We are currently looking for a photographer for the 2020 Carbondale Wild West Rodeo season from June 4th through August 20th. Sam Lipscomb our 2019 photographer is not able to commit to the 2020 season as her family grew this last fall with the addition of a new baby boy much to the joy of his older sister and parents. The newest addition isn't quite ready to join the rodeo circuit on a weekly basis.

It has been the goal of CWWR to work with up and coming photographers that are getting their career started or attending college or trade school with the goal of making photography a part of their career and worklife. We have worked with CMC in the past and are reaching out to them as well. However, if you or someone you know of might be interested in being the Carbondale Wild West Rodeo photographer for the 2020 season and potentially a year or two beyond that, please contact Mike Kennedy, CWWRA Board President at 970-379-3907 or [email protected]

There is compensation and we provide free pizza and drinks each week to rodeo staff and volunteers. Our goal is to provide experience and help a student or beginning photographer build their portfolio. However, we would also consider a photographer who just wants to have some fun and get some great shots at the rodeo with a minimum compensation. As a non-profit we strive to provide scholarships and provide funding to charitable causes so we are limited in what we can pay a photographer and still contribute to worthwhile causes and in support of youth. Photos will be used on facebook and on the CWWR website. You are encouraged to offer your photos for sale and your contact info will be available on our website. If you fit either of these categories and would like to be our 2020 CWWR photographer please give us a shout.

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Unfortunately we do not have photos for some of the earlier 2015 rodeos and some of the earlier photos are of lesser quality. We have the issue resolved now. Check back during the rodeo season for weekly galleries posted throughout the summer. Enjoy!

Linked below are photo galleries for the past few years of rodeos. Irma Sanic -- CWWR 2014 photographer. Larry 'Shorty' Williams pre 2014 CWWR photographer.


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