Our Community

The Carbondale Wild West Rodeo Cares about Community

The CWWRA took over the rodeo in 2005 from a private (for profit) rodeo promoter. Upon taking over the Carbondale rodeo, the CWWRA was formed.

The CWWRA completed its 15th rodeo season in August 2019. We look forward to our 16th season in 2021 after the hiatus due to the 2020 pandemic. Join us for 12 rodeo nights every Thursday from June 3rd to August 19th.

The CWWRA is run by a 4 person Board of Directors who are not paid a dime for their efforts and the rodeo itself is put on 12 weeks every summer by a mostly volunteer group that is put together by the CWWRA Board. Naturally, the stock contractors, the announcer, the judges, rodeo secretary, arena director, security people, gate people (taking money) and a few others are paid every week for their efforts.

The Carbondale Wild West Rodeo Supports Local Charities and Youth

The CWWRA chooses two scholarship recipients each rodeo season to receive $1,000 scholarships.

The parking is handled by the Springs Creek Ranch Equestrian Center. The Senior Matters group sells snow cones, cookies and coffee every year and the CWWRA purchased a shed for them to work out of several years ago.

The shed is shared with the Mt. Sopris and Black Sheep 4-H Clubs, along with Roaring Fork High School Volleyball who sell popcorn from the other side of the shed. The CWWRA donates to these non-profit and school groups as well every year after the season.

The CWWRA has made significant donations to the Calaway Young Cancer Center at Valley View Hospital for several years. Previously also donating to the Komen Foundation. CWWRA holds a special rodeo (Tough Enough to Wear Pink) every year as a fund raiser to fight breast cancer as well as other types of cancer.

The Carbondale Wild West Rodeo Improves the Gus Darien Arena

Over the years, the CWWRA has donated significant work and especially significant funds to the improvement of the Town owned and publicly used Gus Darian arena on County Road 100, one mile east of Carbondale. These donations include, but are not limited to the following………….

· CWWRA Volunteers did most of the labor to take out the old wooden pens and rodeo arena and replace it with the new pens and arena you see today. This work was performed free of charge and the last $4,000 of work to complete the work (when time ran out) was hired out to a fence contractor and paid for by the CWWRA.

· $8,500 to build the warm up arena (practice pen)

· $4,500 for additional stock pens

· $3,500 for the Senior Matters shed.

· $19,000 for half the cost (Town paid the other half) of the newest and largest set of bleachers.

· $1,500 for new roof on announcers stand.

· $5,000 paid toward the cost of the new lighting system for the Gus Darian Arena.

· $10,000 paid in matching funds (Town also paid $10,000) to go with the GarCo Mineral Grant to build a roof over the large set of bleachers at the arena.

· $3,000 per year for a parking lease to enable spectators to park close by the arena on rodeo night.

· Average of $1500/year in basic arena upkeep and repair.

CWWRA has expended more than $56,000 in capital improvements, to help improve a public facility, -- the Gus Darien Arena (owned by the Town of Carbondale) in which they have no ownership interest. Because of the donations of the CWWRA, the arena facility is used by many other groups for a variety of events and the public use of the facility has grown significantly.

The Carbondale Wild West Rodeo Donates to Local Charities

Mt. Sopris and Black Sheep 4-H Clubs

What is 4-H? (Information taken from http://www.extension.colostate.edu/garfieldcounty/4h/Whatis4h.shtml)
4-H is a non-formal educational, youth development program offered to individuals age 5-18. Youth are involved in hands-on experiential learnng that allows by doing. 4-H is best identified by its green four-leaf clover with an H on each leaf. The four H's on the emblem stand for Head, Heart, Hands, and Health. All 4-H programs focus on active involvement and quality experiences which stimulate lifelong learning of values and skills. Please join us for good times this year at the arena and support local 4-H youth.

Senior Matters

  Senior Matters is a not for profit dedicated to the improvement of quality of life for seniors in the mountain town of Carbondale, Colorado and the surrounding communities of the Roaring Fork and Crystal River valleys. The Organization encourages independent healthy living for seniors by developing, promoting and supporting organized activities and educational programs in our community. Senior Matters is one of our concessionaires at the rodeo offering snow cones, nachos, hot or iced coffee, cookies, water & soda. Stop by their concession shed and purchase a snack to support this worthy cause.

Roaring Fork High School Athletics