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March 13, 2023

Changes for the 2023 Rodeo Season

Lots of changes coming this year, mostly driven by the large crowds we have seen over the last few years. We will continue to update on the web site ( and on Facebook:

  • Due to rising costs, we are forced to increase the ticket price from $10 to $15 per person. This is the first increase since 2011.
  • We will also be charging an on-site parking fee of $10 per vehicle. We hope this will encourage people to ride the FREE shuttle buses.
  • FREE SHUTTLE BUSES will run from Town to the Rodeo and back. Pick-up point in Town is yet to be finalized. We encourage people to use it as parking will be limited much more than in the past.
  • NO PARKING ON COUNTY ROAD 100: By order of the Sheriff Dept for safety reasons. Cars cannot get off the road surface and it is dangerous walking along that road, especially in the dark.
  • LIMITED PARKING ON WILLOW, DAISY AND ROSE LANE: By order of the Sheriff Dept, there will be parking on only ONE SIDE of these roads, in order to maintain proper access for emergency vehicles in the neighborhood. DO NOT BLOCK DRIVEWAYS or you will risk being towed. Shuttle buses will try to swing through this area when possible.
  • ARENA PARKING: This has become a real problem and people leaving vehicles at the arena and on Willow Lane starting on Wednesday is not acceptable. We are hoping to go to an on-line system for reservations for a spot. Regardless, leaving vehicles on Wednesday will NO LONGER be permitted and vehicles may be towed if necessary. We will provide better detail as it becomes available. In addition, the Arena Parking Fee will increase to $50 this year.
  • DO NOT BRING YOUR OWN ALCOHOL: This will no longer be allowed. The Sheriff Dept and the Town Police Dept feel that alcohol should be served on-site to be better controlled. In addition, this will help to control any underage drinking. You will be allowed to move about the entire rodeo grounds with alcohol and proper identification (wrist band).

The CWWRA really had no choice in these decisions if the Rodeo was to be able to continue. We realize that change can be difficult and we hope that everyone can adapt and get used to it. After holding the line on ticket prices for the last 12 years, we had no choice but to increase the cost, as all of our costs have increased significantly. Also, the large numbers of people attending the rodeo caused significant traffic and parking issues as well as safety issues, as most of you likely know. Along with this, some rude behavior did not help at all and the Sheriff Dept was no longer willing to allow it to continue that way.

The free shuttle service from Town was the only way to mitigate the parking situation and we hope that people will use it. We thank you for your cooperation as we implement these changes and we look forward to another great Rodeo Season in 2023!

CWWRA Board of Directors

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2023 Rodeo Season

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